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Future of Search -Kumo, Google Semantic Search

Search as we know it has to change. No doubt about it. Devices such as SixthSense have to appear in faster pace to eliminate the gap between human and computers. In future, we should not go to our computers or even to our PDA’s to search. Through sensors, and wearable devices we should be able [...]

Gasping for Air No More, Now you Can Make your Own

Researcher Kamal Meattle had suffered from lung problems 17 years ago. The problems almost turned deadly. So with the help of NASA and a few other organizations Kamal discovered that there are three basic house plants that you can keep in doors to grow your own fresh air, which in result give you better health. [...]

Scratch: a New Way of Programming for Kids

A new freely available software created by MIT Media Labs allows kids to learn few fundamental programming constructs in a fun way. The software is called Scratch. The fundamental aim of the software is to create an interactive environment for kids where they can practices basic programming skills such as conditional statements, loops, etc.  It [...]

Artificial Blood – New Protein from Scratch

Did you know that artificial blood exist and it is actually used in some hospitals? If you do, you might also know the controversy around it. Regardless of the controversy, it is a valuable resource that can save thousands of lives, especially in countries severely affected by AIDS. Therefore, the work done to improve it [...]

Can You Literally Think Faster?

It turns out you can. UCLA professor Paul Thompson and his colleagues have found ways to determine speed of the brain.  They have shown that people with high IQ has faster brain signals.  They also found that most of this speed is genetically transferred.  So people with higher brain speed will generally have children with [...]

Microsoft SenseCam- a Camera for Lazy?

If pushing a button, to take pictures, too much work for you then you will have to wait for Microsoft’s SenseCam.  It is a camera, with a fish lens and environmental sensors (such as light and body heat) that takes automatic pictures . You can hang it from your neck and it will start taking [...]

Spin Battery: a Magnetic Battery

In the previous article we discussed how batteries work .  We said that batteries are created by chemical reactions that produces electrons. Now University of Miami, Tokyo and Tohoku researchers have proved that electric batteries can be created without a chemical reaction. In fact, they  have shown that by applying large magnetic field to nano-magnets [...]


Look me in the Eye Robot: New Eye Gaze for Robovie

We all hoped that by now robots will be serving us in restaurants, hotels, etc. However, all we got is a robot that cleans our pool . Ignoring current market for Robots, recently there has been some interesting development in robotics:   In previous article we discussed Boston  Dynamic Big Dog robot that can be used [...]

Sixthsense: Gestural Interface for Future

I have seen many new technologies but I haven’t been this excited. I was literally jumping up and down when I saw the demo of this product.  The device I saw was a wearable gestural interface.  It is called SixthSense.  It contains a pocket projector and a camera.  Together they support large number of functions. [...]

Instantly Rechargeable Batteries: Batteries Re-engineered

MIT engineers are reporting the discovery of an instantly rechargeable battery. The work was lead by Gerbrand Ceder, the Richard P. Simmons. The battery was made of the same popular material that most batteries are made of, namely lithium. Before discussing this discovery, let’s try to understand what batteries are. In a nutshell, batteries are [...]

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