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A Concrete Discovery

Imagine a road full of cracks, and then a gentle rain comes down and the road automatically repairs itself, or imagine, a bridge full of fractures caused by an earthquake, and in minutes the bridge automatically seals the fractures. Welcome to the world of self healing materials. This is not a dream of far, far [...]

The Power of Kites

When I was a child, flying a kite was my favorite hobby. I can’t really explain the thrill I used to have while flying kites.  I honestly used to fly kites even in my dreams. One thing for sure I never thought kites have a special power. The power to produce energy. By conquering the [...]

DNA Sequencing the Promise of Future

DNA has been considered the code of life and the language of creation. Deciphering it completely will, no doubt, lead to dramatic changes to our lives. New and improved medicine will be created; genetic diseases will be spotted and corrected early on in life; micro organisms will be engineered to create new and improved sources [...]

Taking Charge of Viruses

It’s time to say good by doc to the energizer bunny. The world is going to be powered by viruses. So if you haven’t heard the marching band yet, listen up: Advancement on batteries are now the thing to watch . Battery research is exploding everywhere. We recently reported the creation of new instantly rechargeable [...]

Mini Green Cars Stacking up in a City Near You

We have heard of some fabulous ideas, and seen some amazing prototypes of new technologies that if brought to real world, can transform our future, but seldom have we seen them actually coming to real world. The idea of CityCars was one of them. We all wished that it would come to our cities, “today”. [...]

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