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Psychic Computers with new Interfaces

Think of them as psychic computers, computers that will know what you want to do before you start using it. No I am not talking about wiring up your brain with computers, but simple interfaces that can predict user actions based on sensory patterns. When you hold a remote control for TV, what do you generally [...]

Tele Immersion – Bringing the World Together Virtually

I don’t know about you, but I think the way we interact with people over long distances have to change, especially for company meetings . It is indeed a big problem, trying to convey simple points across a phone line. This problem begs for solutions. Hence, we have products like Microsoft’s Live meeting, etc. They [...]

Progress Towards True Invisibility

Through the power of our imagination we have created some of the most transformative and amazing technologies. We imagined of devices that can fly and we created them. We imagined of rockets that will propel us to moon, and we created them. Similarly, for centuries we have been imagining to make a cloak that can [...]

Judgement Day: Wolfram Alpha Launching at 7pm CDT

It is time. The new search engine we all talked about, extensively, will be launched today at 7pm CDT. We will be able to test it ourselves and pass the judgment. I am still off the opinion that it will not be a threat to Google. Here is a snippet of what I said before: [...]

Lets get it Straight, it is not a Google Killer

Recently Stephen Wolfram gave a presentation about his new WolframAlpha which he calls the “computation knowledge engine”.  While we wait for the launch, we can get an idea about its role in future. One thing’s for sure, it’s not going to be a threat to services like Google or  Wikipedia. After his speech, it has [...]

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