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4 Million Years from Sun: Solar Probe Plus Aims Sun’s Atmosphere

In 2018, 4 million years from sun, in 2550 degrees Fahrenheit with random blasts of intense radiation, a car sized spacecraft made from carbon-composite heat shield will penetrate sun’s atmosphere. This will be NASA’s Solar Probe Plus mission that was announced just recently.

It will be yet another achievement for human space flight, providing us with better understanding of our sun.


Time Explorer: See the Future with News

Let me introduce you to time explorer. It is an interactive site that allows visualization of New York Times archives. It is developed by Yahoo’s Barcelona research lab. At first glance it seems an ordinary time line, but there is one unique feature to this: future exploration.

Yes it gives you the ability to explore future. It is not about making predictions, but instead it provides a way to visually see what news articles tell about future.

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