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How about Highways for Cyclists?

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe which is promoting green living and its capital, Copenhagen, is known as ‘bicycle capital’ along with Amsterdam. There are more bicycles then people in Copenhagen and people experience more bicycle traffic jams than of cars’. Noerrebrogade in the capital accommodates around 36,000 cyclists a day and now government [...]


A Ray of Hope for Cancer Patients

Radiation therapy is vital for almost all the cancer patients but more than half of the cancer patients have tumors that are resistant to such therapy. The cause of resistance is the low oxygen level in the blood but researchers in San Francisco are developing a protein that can carry additional oxygen to the tumors [...]


Can a Bloodstain Reveal Your Age?

Crime scene investigation is quite a tricky thing and it already has various tools in operation to determine the sex of the culprit but it is always difficult to determine the age. Though it is possible to determine the age by analyzing the teeth and bones of a person but these are seldom present at [...]

An App to Improve Communication

Social networking is a very broad term and it does not mean ‘Facebook’ at all. But this is the trick that most of the app developers for Smart-phone fail to realize every time. There are several other forms of communications in our lives like messengers, phone calls, texts and other things. All of these things [...]


Are ARM Chips Better than Intel and AMD?

Heating has always been a problem with computers and they require too much energy to cool down. Cloud computing is a demand of today and the companies that are running these data centers do not want to waste money on energy and want to save as much cost as possible. They are targeting the microprocessors [...]

Growing Organs and Cells from Scratch

If organs and cells, necessary for the body, could be grown in the laboratory then you can think of the positive effects they could have had on human life. The research has been going on for years to create organs and living cells just like the natural ones but the success has been limited. It [...]


Heal Battlefield Wounds through a Skin Printer

Technology plays an important role in our lives and it can help in improving our lives too. Medical science is improving everyday but have you ever imagined of printing your skin to cover your wound? This might sound crazy but it might soon be a reality because a recent research shows that it is possible.


Get Ready to Witness the 1000mph Excitement

It has always been a dream of man to travel fast and he has gone to limits to fulfill the desire. But have you questioned yourself how fast would you want to go on the ground? The current record that the fastest car set is equivalent to the speed of sound i-e 768mph. But the [...]

Compund Semiconductors: The Replacement of Silicon

Silicon has been a long companion of chipmakers but it will no longer be feasible to pack transistors on silicon chips and it will be impossible to make microchips any smaller. Various researches have been carried out in the past to find alternatives of silicon to develop long lasting chips and overcome the leaking and [...]

Laser Camera

Take Pictures Around Corners with a Laser Camera

Technology always takes another route when things become impossible, such is the story of the latest invention known as the laser camera. It can take pictures around the corners and it will have high importance for military and law enforcement agencies.

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