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Breakdown and Recycle Your Laptop in Seconds

Have you ever imagined of breaking your laptop down to pieces and that too with your hands? If you are a Mac user then you wouldn’t have thought that even in your dreams because Apple builds these products so you never have to repair or break them. The Bloom Laptop is a different story though [...]

Escape from Retinal Disease Is Now Possible

Retinal disease is a concern of millions of people throughout the world. There are treatments available like laser and retinal implantation but these methods are painful and require surgery as well and their results are not long lasting either. Scientists have now come up with a solution by developing a prosthetic retina that can fully [...]

Light Harvesting Material: The Future of Energy

Scientists all over the world are busy in finding ways to develop a mechanism that can minimize the fuel consumption for betterment of environment. The focus has been towards alternate energy in the past few years and some success has been achieved across the globe. Solar energy is the cheapest source and scientists in US [...]

See the World through Wrap 920AR Goggles

Augmented reality (AR) glasses have been a focus of entertainment industry for the last two decades, but the hardware had been too bulky and the price was out of reach of many. Now Vuzix has produced something lighter and far more affordable and has named it as ‘Wrap 920AR’, a pair of glasses that can [...]

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