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Internet Privacy Is Now Possible With Tor

Everyone likes privacy and wants to remain anonymous at least on the Internet. Businesses and non-profit organizations have been using encrypted systems for years to hide their activities on the Internet. All this activity happens through an anonymity system called Tor which is developed by a U.S based nonprofit organization. The manufacturer is now developing [...]


Radio Receiver from Graphene in 4 Steps

How easy can it be to make a radio? Well how about in four steps: Place two electrodes and stretch a sheet of graphene between them to form a trampoline. Get a third electrode and place it under the trampoline and supply a DC current to it. Add radio frequency voltage and you are done. [...]

Is it Possible to Reset Your Biological Clock?

Are you a victim of short term insomnia or you travel a lot and cannot get over your jet lag quickly? No I am not selling you another drug here ( you need to stop watching late night shows). I want to tell you about a new discovery that we all have been waiting for [...]

Word Lens: Translate Text on Your iPhone

iPhone 4 has certainly raised the performance bar, but its unique apps are what makes it an irresistible choice for customers. The latest sensation called ‘Word Lens’ will take iPhone’s popularity a step further. This will now be a perfect gadget for the travelers and tourists. No need for bulky and flimsy   dictionaries and no need [...]


Invisibility Cloak: Another Attempt

You may have been impressed by Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak that kept him hidden from everyone when he wanted to in his 7 years at Hogwarts. But have you ever imagined how will it feel to experience something like this  for your self? Of course, you have, and I want you to keep that your [...]

Is MoNETA the Height of Artificial Intelligence?

Overview The research on Artificial Intelligence has been going on for more than 50 years and it was once thought that machines would outsmart humans. The end results were Robots with human controlled intelligence and never really served the purpose. A supercomputer did beat Kasparov, the world chess champion, in 1997 but it was the [...]


Ultracapacitors Get the Energy Boost

Electric and hybrid technology may be prevailing in automobile industry but the charging of batteries is quite a huge problem. A fully drained out battery can take hours to charge. Ultra-capacitors are an alternative but they cannot hold charge as much as Li-ion batteries can and are not feasible to be used in cars or [...]


Toothpaste to Remove Plaque, Really!

Have you ever wondered what is causing cavity in your teeth? Are you worried of losing your teeth at a young age? Well you do not have to worry as scientists have found a solution and there is more good news as you will not have to undergo any painful treatment to get your teeth [...]


Fuel Efficient Jet Engine-Will it Make a Difference?

The world is going to face fuel deficiency in the coming decade, no question about it, and because of it as we all know different projects have been launched to conserve energy and find alternate fuels. Jets and planes are by far the biggest mode of travel when it comes to travel across the continents [...]

How About a 3D Movie Without 3D Glasses?

The first decade of the 21st century is about to come to an end and we have seen some ground breaking technologies so far. 3D technology is one of them and experts have already said that the next decade will belong to the 3D televisions. But there are some problems with this technology that need [...]

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