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pico projector

Pico Projectors for Everyone

Video projectors are in a huge demand these days and are widely used especially in the education sector. They are heavy and expensive equipments and cannot be moved from one place to another but now German researchers have created a thin and portable version of it. The device is only 6 millimeters thick but contains [...]

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How Secure is Facebook?

Privacy has been a concern since the launch of “facebook” and people have been confused on whether they should share their personal information or not. Facebook apps are very appealing to the users and people want to use as many of them as they can and do not hesitate to click the “allow” button when [...]


Controlling Pill Movement In the Body

Several researches have been carried out to improve the efficiency of medicines within the body in the recent years. Some success was achieved too but now a team of researchers at Brown University has found a way to detect the movement of the medicine in the body and guide it to the right location. The [...]

Nanolasers Finally Available For Practical Use

Nanoscale lasers were given a thought to be used in computing but there were hurdles in their practical use. Now researchers have removed the hurdles and have given the green signal for its use in the optical communications and computing. The study was carried out at the University of North Carolina where the first semiconductor [...]


The Future of The Android Based Tablets

There is a lot of speculation in the air and blogs are filling up with the lack of ‘Androidness’ at the CES 2011 that just came to an end at Las Vegas. Google and Apple both had booths at the large area dedicated only to the tablet computer but the Google’s unfinished OS let most [...]


The CES 2011: New Year New Technologies

The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is always the centre of attention and all the big names of the industry come up with their latest products and marketing strategies at this event. The CES 2011 was held at Las Vegas where the big guns of the electronic industry gave their plans for the year and [...]


Is it Possible to Improve Your Brain?

We all like to have good memory and want to remember things for a long time and want to outwit others. We adopt various methods to improve our memory and increase the capacity of our brain. As weight lifting increases the muscles and give us strong abs, we also believe doing difficult exercises and solving [...]


The Year in Computing

Technology is improving everyday and these 12 months changed the way we think and look at the computers. Apple made two ground breaking releases; the iPad and the iPhone 4. Google started the year with a Smartphone of unbelievable capabilities and is going to end the year with a new kind of personal computer. In [...]

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