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charging brick

A New Technology to Eliminate the Laptop Charging Brick

Charging bricks that come with laptops are bulky and nobody likes to keep them because of their size and weight. But now a startup called Transphorm is in the process of developing a technology that will eliminate the need of these laptop charging bricks. Transphorm had been working on this technology for the past four [...]


The Lambo Yacht: Lamborghini in the Oceans

Lmaborghini sports cars are exotic and renowned for their vicious speed and performance all over the world. But have you imagined such speed and beauty while travelling in the oceans? I am sure you haven’t, and you will be thinking that I am going to talk about the hydrogen powered Ekrano yacht once again and [...]


Stion’s New Twin Cell Solar Panel

The cost of energy is increasing with every passing day and a lot of people are looking for energy alternatives and no longer want to pay $150 a month in terms of electricity bills. Solar energy is cheap but its initial cost is what prevents most of the people from adopting it. Now National Renewable [...]


Are Old Really Wise?

We are all familiar with the proverb ‘old is gold’ and general perception is that older people are more experienced and wise and make better decisions. But science has a habit  of contradicting with general perceptions and it says old is not really ‘gold.’ A research carried out by neuroscientists suggests that older people take [...]

Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0? Put simply it is a term  used to identify next generation of web.  Like Web 2.0 there are a lot of attributes that describes it with one key one. The key attribute of 2.0  has been  “interaction”,  and for 3.0 it has been deemed as “intelligence”. Almost every source mentions intelligence [...]

Sony PSP

Next Gen Portable (NGP): The All New Sony PSP

Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) has been a groundbreaking innovation since its first launch and we have seen considerable improvements in its basic design and features since then. Sony had committed to launch its new version a while ago and had launched various competitions to design the device. Now the next gen PSP has been announced [...]


Ekrano Yacht: A Glance at The Future Sea Travel

Technology is the name of ever ending story and it always has something new in store for us. We all are worried about the fuel crisis that we may have to face in the not too distant future but it has not sucked out the innovation from the creative minds. Though the fuel will be [...]

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