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The Concept Mobile Phone by Mac Zimmers

Concept mobile phones are stylish and full of features that everyone wants to get their hands on them. They keep on coming and some of the concept mobile phones actually go into production and end up on users’ hands. If you are fond of such gadgets then the latest concept mobile phone Mac Zimmers will [...]


Will Targeted Cancer Drugs Work Better?

The research on the cancer drugs has gathered some pace and a lot of progress has been made in the recent years but there has always been a concern with the use of these medicines. Besides killing affected cells, cancer treatment drugs destroy the healthy cells and patient takes a long to recover. Targeted cancer [...]


Mac Funamizu’s New Universal Remote Controller

There are tons of electronic devices and all of them have their own functionalities but their remote controllers are what cause all the trouble. There are so many of them and you do not want to leave your comfort chair to pick the remote up and tune your gadgets. But now there is a universal [...]


Take 3D Pictures via Cell Phone

3D is a new technology and new inventions are made almost daily and we see something new coming up every day. You had to buy expensive gadgets and software to capture an object in 3D but now you can do it with ordinary gadgets like your mobile phones. Microsoft researchers have developed an app that [...]


The New BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Tussardi

BMW seldom disappoints the car enthusiasts and always ocmes up with unique designs but when its designs or models are not appealing enough then the designers and enthusiasts take matters in their hands and come out with something different. Such a thing happened when BMW teamed up with Tussardi, an Italian fashion house, and the [...]


Sony’s 3G Enabled Camera and Its Significance

Sony is no doubt the leader of the electronics world and its innovative products and technology is what sets it apart from its competitors. Sony is now working its new line of point and shoot cameras with 3G technology. It is an interesting development as most of the Smart phones these days have 3G cameras [...]


Fukushima Reactor and Radiations Emitting From It

In Japan, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, has now become a matter of concern due to its possible harmful effects to health. Although radiation levels outside the plant are relatively low and less likely to cause health problems but warning have been issued. The harmful effects of radiation depend on the dose. The acute [...]


The iPad Smart Cover: Take More Fun Out of Your iPad2

iPad 2 is the latest introduction from Apple and like it was predicted, it has left its rivals far behind. But there is something new about the iPad this time as it comes with the iPad Smart Cover. The iPad 2 is designed keeping the needs of the users in mind and the iPad Smart [...]


Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: A Tiny Device Removes Dust Efficiently

Cleaning is already a hard part for many of us and it is harder to clean those areas that are not easy to reach. Vacuum cleaners make our life easy in so many ways but they too fail to reach a few spots. Moreover, they are bulky and you cannot carry them around everywhere with [...]


Make Edible Objects With 3D Printer

3D technology is nothing new as a lot of movies and computer games are coming in 3D but 3D printing is a bit new concept. But it gets rather interesting when this sort of technology is mixed with some rocket science. Think of space shuttles made of scallop-and-cheese and what would it be like. The [...]

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