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Experiencing a More Real Virtual Crowd

By modeling the expected crowd behavior, engineers have been able to design and plan buildings and public spaces in such a way, as to prevent any chances of deaths and serious injuries occurring. However, it has always been difficult to design such a virtual crowd which would be actually very realistic. Europeans have solved the [...]


iPhone Stop and Shop App: Use your iPhone to Buy Groceries

The latest iPhone application provides us all with the opportunity to get a glimpse of what shopping would be like in the future. The new application by Modiv Media allows customers to scan grocery items, have personalized offers, along with speedy checkouts. Stop & Shop, a company that operates in around 375 supermarkets is one [...]


Doing Medical Tests All By Yourself

A change that has been quite observable in the recent years is the shift of the doctor’s tools from clinics to retail outlets. This trend is likely to go further, as QuickCheck Health which is based in Minnesota, aims at making diagnostic testing possible within one’s home. This company has been working for the development [...]

Apple iPhone

iPhone Broadcasts Your Locations Unintentionally

It came as a shock to a lot of people when they got to know about the privacy implications of news which was gathered by the iPhone. Most people who own an iPhone are not aware that the information regarding their locations gets stored in a file on their computers. They unknowingly are getting involved [...]


Exploring Quantum Teleportation

It feels great to see that scientists have finally accomplished it! Now scientists have actually managed to and figured out a way of transporting information with the use of the quantum highway. They do this by using a setup that is quite complicated, but it has still enabled them to accomplish the goal they have [...]


Measuring Your Sleep Patterns

A bunch of around thirty experimenters who were suffering from insomnia lately, grouped together in a garage in Somerville, in order to disclose the results of their investigations. A lot of people from this group had been spending March using a device which is known as Zeo. This device is used to measure the sleeping [...]


Letting Your Thoughts Do the Dialing

You can now use your thoughts to dial numbers on your cell phone; thanks to the recent researches being carried out in California. All you need is a brief training period, after which you will be able to let your brain dial calls, which is also done hundred percent accurately for most of the people [...]


Treating Down syndrome Effectively

According to previous research carried out, those drugs that boost the activity of the chemical messenger present in the brain, called norepinephrine, has played an important role in the alleviation of cognitive problems that were faced by mice. However, according to the new findings published in the journal of Science Translational Medicine just recently, a [...]


Google Plus One: A Social Network For Social Search?

The latest is that Google has come up with some social features now, which will enable your friends to know what is ranked high in the search results that are viewed by you. In order for this feature to gear up, Google first requires to know the social connections of all its users. This is [...]


A Detailed Look at Epileptic Seizures

Scientists have always been interested in the minute details regarding the human brain, and millions of cells that are present in it. To the surprise of many, scientists have now also been able to record the activity of the tiny cells in the human brain that seem to play a role during an epileptic seizure. [...]

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