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Google Chrome: A Browser of Your Mother Tongue!

It’s always a treat to go through the latest features available over the web, which can totally spice up the activities that had become the usual routine. Same is the case with the latest beta version of Google Chrome, Google’s Web browser, which now has the interesting option of translating speech to text and that [...]


Can a Display Screen Let Me Recharge My Smartphone?

French provider Wysips is focusing on a brand new technique which will cause smartphone touch screens to accomplish double duty as photo voltaic power panels to recharge mobile phones. The thought is very interesting [1] because it consists of laying an extra thin transparent photo-voltaic film layer along with the mobile phone display. The film [...]


Facebook Reveals Its New Data Center Secrets

Facebook is unique in a lot of ways and the popularity it has gained in little time is immense. But now facebook has taken a new turn by unveiling its secrets. These secrets have never been made public by any business entity of this size. Facebook opened a new data center in Oregon but now [...]


iRobot Sends Four Robots to Japan for Rescue Purposes

The recent earthquake in Japan caused massive destruction and due to the damage of the atomic power plant, US based iRobot has sent 4 robots to Japan to help the rescue teams and to work in the recovery efforts going on at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Radiation levels are high inside and around the [...]


Lokast App: Media Sharing Made Easy

Technology is improving quite rapidly and we have seen significant improvement in media sharing technologies in the recent years. There is a probability that in the next 2 or 3 years, device-to-device media sharing will be possible. Apps like Bump and Mover enable the users to share media like songs and videos between phones. Boris [...]

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