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virtual view

Virtual View: See What Is Damaged Inside You

The trend of leaving the medications and therapies in the middle of some treatment is a common practice among patients. The arguments may end up with an answer that they thought there is no use because they started feeling better and they could go without it now. What is left inside or what may be [...]


Depression Diagnosis Through Blood Test

Depression is one of the very common diseases experienced by the people throughout the world and there are multiple causes of it. Doctors are keen to find ways to diagnose and treat depression and we have seen several methods over the years. Now a blood test will tell if a person is suffering from depression [...]


Ambient Alerts: See Car’s Condition Like a Heartbeat

Car technology has improved over the years but there is a room for innovation always in this ever green and ever booming industry. We have already seen engine warming lights in various models but now Honda is experimenting on Ambient Alerts. The Ambient Alert system will allow the drivers to diagnose the problems arising within [...]


Putting Geothermal Energy to Work

Much of the heat resides inside our Earth which can be manipulated in a way to extract maximum benefit. The geothermal energy is utilized for many purposes but its production holds some controversies. Naturally when some disturbances take place inside the Earth, heat is generated by the movement in the core. We have been successful [...]


Presence of Life on Mars: A Mystery to be Resolved

Life is what remains undefined till today. How it is being blessed to a small fetus and how it leaves an old body, remains a mystery to man even after so many years of tiring efforts and research on it. We also refer life as the presence of material that is vital for life like [...]


Life With New Colors to The Cells

Science is a word with a study that relates things with us i.e., life. More specifically, biology leads to exact meanings as study of life. Further biology branches up into different routes of exploration reaching the cell level and it does not stop there but penetrates inside it as well. Point of consideration here is [...]

dna sequencing

DNA Sequencing: Ease and Speed Making Things Simple

In the scientific world, genome sequencing may be importantly the most prestigious technique bringing great changes all around the world. It is a complex process to be followed, getting the required out of it. It makes things easy but itself its complications are frustrating to some extent. New researches by a platform named Noblegen are [...]


Using Delicious as a Bookmarking Tool

It has now been officially announced by Yahoo that they are planning on selling their social bookmarking service knows as “Delicious,” to Youtube cofounders. Chad Hurley along with Steve Chen is planning to have it as a part of a startup called AVOS. Delicious was the first one to initiate the user generated content in [...]


Preventing Cancer by Vaccination

The purpose of most cancer vaccines is to speed up the patient’s immune system so that it can fight with cancer which has been progressing already. However, OncoPep has come up with a different invention, as it has developed a vaccination which is especially designed to prevent a particular type of cancer from taking place, [...]


A Visual Dashboard Planned by Facebook

How many of you have ever wondered, or been curious about knowing how many cups of tea you had last year, or how many picnics you went for with your family and friends? It is becoming possible to keep a track on all such activities, with the help of New Web and mobile apps. Personal [...]

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