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Sun Slowing , a Little Ice Age Coming

Are you up for a quiet little ice age?  Then pack your bags, based on recent observations, in our near future, we might have one. It seems like our Sun is about to become quiet. Not forever though, just for a while its activity will be lower. A little explanation: To most of us sun [...]


Ununquadium and Ununhexium

Don’t know what these words are? Soon you will have to memorize them, that is if you really want to know all periodic elements by heart. It seems like after three years of review our beloved chemists and physicists finally decided that they will be adding element 114 and 116 to the periodic table of [...]

iCloud is Out, and it is Free

In 2009 Apple purchased Lala, a cloud based music service. After that everybody has been waiting for the day when Apple does something with it. Today is the day. They have announced the iCloud. Hold on to your paints, it is music in the clouds, and best of all it is FREE (yes they announced [...]


Google Wallet -Security and Features

It is about time to toss away your credit cards and pay with your phone, and no I am not talking about putting it on your phone bill, that’s just lame (sorry Sweden).  Google Wallet is finally announced. It will give us the ability to use our phones as  virtual carrying cases for the cards. [...]

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