A Detailed Look at Epileptic Seizures


Scientists have always been interested in the minute details regarding the human brain, and millions of cells that are present in it. To the surprise of many, scientists have now also been able to record the activity of the tiny cells in the human brain that seem to play a role during an epileptic seizure. The research that has been recently published in Nature Neuroscience, is simply a small part of the great movement that is taking place, about using technology to explore, study and investigate the brain processes, that too at the single cell level. This step is new and a great leap by science due to the fact that it was impossible earlier, as it could not be carried on living human beings.

During the time an epileptic seizure is taking place, the activity of the neurons becomes very haphazard, unlike the usual orderly way it seems to have. There is an abnormal amount of electricity being discharged and can lead to temporarily disabling the individual. Earlier scientists have been able to monitor such seizure with the help of electroencephalogram (EEG), which helped in measuring activity across million neurons at one time. This provided information about the general pattern of seizure. However now, researchers are hoping that they will be able to study even single cells, which would help in providing knowledge about how seizures start spreading.

Recent studies have found that the neighbouring cells tend to behave very differently which is a major cause that results in a seizure. The whole process and interaction between different cells seems to be very complex, which eventually leads to a seizure taking place.

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