A New Technology to Eliminate the Laptop Charging Brick

charging brick

Charging bricks that come with laptops are bulky and nobody likes to keep them because of their size and weight. But now a startup called Transphorm is in the process of developing a technology that will eliminate the need of these laptop charging bricks.

Transphorm had been working on this technology for the past four years, but now their project has the backing of big guns like Google and this startup has raised over $38 million and it is likely that their first product will be available by the mid of March.

It is estimated that around 10% of the electricity produced by the United States is wasted in the process of running various electrical appliances. The process of conversion from AC power to DC power and from DC power to AC power wastes a lot of electricity and there is a need to do something about it.

Transphorm is working on various aspects and has developed power electronics based on gallium nitride. The company is planning to reduce the size of the charging brick or preferably eliminate it by including the necessary equipments inside the computer. The technology will also result in the improvement of automobile technology and we may see improvement in the efficiency of electric cars.

This is not the first project of its kind as other companies are also working on similar projects and have made significant achievements. GaNSystems and HRL Laboratories are among the leading companies that are working on the charging brick technology.  Mishra, the CEO of Transphorm, has said that it will be possible to reduce the wastage of electricity by 90% with the implementation of this technology.

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