A Visual Dashboard Planned by Facebook


How many of you have ever wondered, or been curious about knowing how many cups of tea you had last year, or how many picnics you went for with your family and friends? It is becoming possible to keep a track on all such activities, with the help of New Web and mobile apps. Personal information such as this can be tracked down and visualized graphically, and this trend is becoming much common these days.

This is due to the fact that Facebook has been working on one of the most important personal data tracking mobile applications and is hiring their creators. Now the biggest social networking site is looking for ways to offer you even the minutest details of your lives with the help if your personalized inforgraphics.

Nick Felton and Ryan Case have been working on this, and are trying to have visual narratives of everyday life for all those people out there who are interested to know. There is an annual report which gets published, regarding his own life and consists of charts regarding his habits and overall lifestyle in detail.

They have also previously created a mobile application known as Daytum, which allows users to gather information that is personal and then represent it in infographics. Currently, Daytum has 80,000 users with pages of themselves which provides snapshots of everything they do in great detail. Whether it is going for the movies or dining out, every such information is present there.

Applications such as these give users great control and ability to record their personal information and display it in a flashy way.

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