Ambient Alerts: See Car’s Condition Like a Heartbeat


Car technology has improved over the years but there is a room for innovation always in this ever green and ever booming industry. We have already seen engine warming lights in various models but now Honda is experimenting on Ambient Alerts. The Ambient Alert system will allow the drivers to diagnose the problems arising within the car.

The existing systems are reliable but they show very limited information and do not warn the passengers about a problem that can prove fatal in next few hours. The drivers tend to ignore the problem too if they are not reminded of it time and again. But with Ambient Alerts, an up to date information of various parts of the car will be displayed like a heartbeat. The system will also send vibrations which will be enough for the driver to remember that he has to take care of the problem.

The vibration will occur in the steering wheel just like the advance game controllers and the problem within the car will be displayed. The driver can opt to find more information about the problem occurring within the car through Ambient Alert system or contact the customer care centre for help.

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