An App to Improve Communication

Social networking is a very broad term and it does not mean ‘Facebook’ at all. But this is the trick that most of the app developers for Smart-phone fail to realize every time. There are several other forms of communications in our lives like messengers, phone calls, texts and other things.

All of these things might happen from a single device called the Smart-phone but various apps are required to manage these activities. A new company called Aro seems to have got hold of these things and is in the process of developing an app that will cater all the communication needs of a person.

The app is currently in the beta stage and the company is targeting Android phones for a start. Aro is also developing app for iPhone and it will be available in the first quarter of the coming year.

The software asks for access to e-mail accounts and then scans the phone for text messages, call logs and contacts. This app is designed by using cloud computing platform and it stores all the information and manages it for the ease of the user.

Aro has put a lot of thought and research in the software to coup with misspelled words while writing texts and e-mails. The software tries to search for a similar thing in its memory when a word is typed and if it finds something then it highlight and creates a web like menu to show all the possibilities to the user.

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