Are ARM Chips Better than Intel and AMD?


Heating has always been a problem with computers and they require too much energy to cool down. Cloud computing is a demand of today and the companies that are running these data centers do not want to waste money on energy and want to save as much cost as possible. They are targeting the microprocessors that heat up and are in search of some chip that will not heat up too much and will cool down quickly.

The companies like Intel and AMD have dominated the microprocessor market since the evolution of computer but these companies have not come up with a solution to their heating problem. It is likely that these companies will face tough competition in near future when companies look to save cost because there are low cost alternatives available from companies that originally provide low cost chips for devices like cell phones and other mobile devices.

A U.K. based company known as ARM produces ARM chips which are slightly slower in processing but energy savings are great. Another important feature of these chips is that these can be modified according to the requirement. These chips can also accommodate components that are found in servers and not only save the cost but also the space.

These chips are best used where cloud computing is the major task. As these are slow in processing, these can be grouped with other similar chips for better performance but it will still not be comparable to an Intel processor. The web servers are another good application of these chips where these are already used in great numbers.

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