Putting Stop to the Tongue Burns: Brugo Mugs


“God dang it” I exclaimed as I tried drinking my tea.   Yet again I burned my tongue.  As usual my tea was too hot and I tried drinking it too fast.

As long as my tongue feels the pain, I don’t think I am going to repeat this mistake again, but knowing myself when the pain is gone this will happen again. Gladly there is a good solution to my problem. Brugo has created a thermodynamics mug that brings down the temperature of tea/coffee to the drinkable level instantly.  No more burned tongues.

This mug comes with some simple controls, Lock, Sip, Tip & Cool.  To seal the cup you can position the mug on Lock, and to start sipping you would use Sip and Tip & Cool you would use to bring the tea to drinkable temperature.

This mug has 25ml temperature control chamber with double wall insulation, and it is built with stainless steel and chrome finish. .

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