Can a Bloodstain Reveal Your Age?


Crime scene investigation is quite a tricky thing and it already has various tools in operation to determine the sex of the culprit but it is always difficult to determine the age. Though it is possible to determine the age by analyzing the teeth and bones of a person but these are seldom present at a crime scene.

A recent research carried out in Netherlands has revealed that it is possible to identify the age of a person through a bloodstain. It is the most common evidence available at a crime spot and it can determine the age to the approximation of nine years (more or less.)

Researchers say that the evidence may not be able to single out a person out of many but it will be very helpful in mass scale disasters and will also help in identifying the missing persons. The evidence will also help in judgment when there are two suspects of a different age group.

This is a considerable development in forensic evidence because there are various things that can be determined through DNA like skin tone and the eye color. The DNAof a person does not change with age but there are some molecular changes in the blood that occur every now and then. There are T-cells in the body produced by the thymus and as the age increases, the thymus begins to shrink and produces fewer cells which help in determining the age.

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