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Virtual View: See What Is Damaged Inside You

The trend of leaving the medications and therapies in the middle of some treatment is a common practice among patients. The arguments may end up with an answer that they thought there is no use because they started feeling better and they could go without it now. What is left inside or what may be [...]


Life With New Colors to The Cells

Science is a word with a study that relates things with us i.e., life. More specifically, biology leads to exact meanings as study of life. Further biology branches up into different routes of exploration reaching the cell level and it does not stop there but penetrates inside it as well. Point of consideration here is [...]


Doing Medical Tests All By Yourself

A change that has been quite observable in the recent years is the shift of the doctor’s tools from clinics to retail outlets. This trend is likely to go further, as QuickCheck Health which is based in Minnesota, aims at making diagnostic testing possible within one’s home. This company has been working for the development [...]

Apple iPhone

iPhone Broadcasts Your Locations Unintentionally

It came as a shock to a lot of people when they got to know about the privacy implications of news which was gathered by the iPhone. Most people who own an iPhone are not aware that the information regarding their locations gets stored in a file on their computers. They unknowingly are getting involved [...]


Measuring Your Sleep Patterns

A bunch of around thirty experimenters who were suffering from insomnia lately, grouped together in a garage in Somerville, in order to disclose the results of their investigations. A lot of people from this group had been spending March using a device which is known as Zeo. This device is used to measure the sleeping [...]


Google Plus One: A Social Network For Social Search?

The latest is that Google has come up with some social features now, which will enable your friends to know what is ranked high in the search results that are viewed by you. In order for this feature to gear up, Google first requires to know the social connections of all its users. This is [...]


iRobot Sends Four Robots to Japan for Rescue Purposes

The recent earthquake in Japan caused massive destruction and due to the damage of the atomic power plant, US based iRobot has sent 4 robots to Japan to help the rescue teams and to work in the recovery efforts going on at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Radiation levels are high inside and around the [...]


The New BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Tussardi

BMW seldom disappoints the car enthusiasts and always ocmes up with unique designs but when its designs or models are not appealing enough then the designers and enthusiasts take matters in their hands and come out with something different. Such a thing happened when BMW teamed up with Tussardi, an Italian fashion house, and the [...]


Gastric Pacemaker: An Alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery

People who have gone through gastric bypass surgery know how painful it is. But now a gastric pacemaker is invented that can fake fullness and can stop people from overeating. The gastric pacemaker senses when the person starts eating and sends premature fullness signals and stimulates the nerves surrounding the stomach. Intrapace, the California based [...]


The Divide App: The New Android App Splits a Smartphone Into Two Devices

A lot of new iPhone and Android apps have already been seen in the market but this new split Android app is something special as it will give Android Smartphones a whole new look and personality. It will enable the users to use the device as two separate devices at the same time. People will [...]

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