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Stion’s New Twin Cell Solar Panel

The cost of energy is increasing with every passing day and a lot of people are looking for energy alternatives and no longer want to pay $150 a month in terms of electricity bills. Solar energy is cheap but its initial cost is what prevents most of the people from adopting it. Now National Renewable [...]


Are Old Really Wise?

We are all familiar with the proverb ‘old is gold’ and general perception is that older people are more experienced and wise and make better decisions. But science has a habit  of contradicting with general perceptions and it says old is not really ‘gold.’ A research carried out by neuroscientists suggests that older people take [...]


Is it Possible to Improve Your Brain?

We all like to have good memory and want to remember things for a long time and want to outwit others. We adopt various methods to improve our memory and increase the capacity of our brain. As weight lifting increases the muscles and give us strong abs, we also believe doing difficult exercises and solving [...]

Artificial Blood – New Protein from Scratch

Did you know that artificial blood exist and it is actually used in some hospitals? If you do, you might also know the controversy around it. Regardless of the controversy, it is a valuable resource that can save thousands of lives, especially in countries severely affected by AIDS. Therefore, the work done to improve it [...]

Regulating Inflammation: Paving way for Cancer drugs

Inflammation is body’s response to an injury that results in pain and swelling. The response is mainly a protein called NF-kappa B.  Recently, biochemistry professor Lin-Feng Chen of University of Illinois has decoded a molecule code that controls proteins function. To understand the importance of Professor Chen’s discovery, we need to understand the relationship between [...]

Artificial Ribosome Created

Ladies and gentleman we have artificial ribosome in our hands. To many of you who aren’t biology geeks, lets say that we have an important component of microorganism/cells created artificially. The creator of it is George Church of Harvard University. Reportedly, he have created billions of Ribosomes by “”using the bacteria E. coli, Church and [...]

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