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Depression Diagnosis Through Blood Test

Depression is one of the very common diseases experienced by the people throughout the world and there are multiple causes of it. Doctors are keen to find ways to diagnose and treat depression and we have seen several methods over the years. Now a blood test will tell if a person is suffering from depression [...]

dna sequencing

DNA Sequencing: Ease and Speed Making Things Simple

In the scientific world, genome sequencing may be importantly the most prestigious technique bringing great changes all around the world. It is a complex process to be followed, getting the required out of it. It makes things easy but itself its complications are frustrating to some extent. New researches by a platform named Noblegen are [...]


Preventing Cancer by Vaccination

The purpose of most cancer vaccines is to speed up the patient’s immune system so that it can fight with cancer which has been progressing already. However, OncoPep has come up with a different invention, as it has developed a vaccination which is especially designed to prevent a particular type of cancer from taking place, [...]


Monitoring Unborn Babies In a Portable Way

Now it is easy to monitor and manage fetal health, that too with the help of a cheap and portable device. It has been successful in being an alternative to other devices which would be expensive, and are usually used in the doctor’s offices in countries that are highly developed. This device is known as [...]


Treating Down syndrome Effectively

According to previous research carried out, those drugs that boost the activity of the chemical messenger present in the brain, called norepinephrine, has played an important role in the alleviation of cognitive problems that were faced by mice. However, according to the new findings published in the journal of Science Translational Medicine just recently, a [...]


A Detailed Look at Epileptic Seizures

Scientists have always been interested in the minute details regarding the human brain, and millions of cells that are present in it. To the surprise of many, scientists have now also been able to record the activity of the tiny cells in the human brain that seem to play a role during an epileptic seizure. [...]


Will Targeted Cancer Drugs Work Better?

The research on the cancer drugs has gathered some pace and a lot of progress has been made in the recent years but there has always been a concern with the use of these medicines. Besides killing affected cells, cancer treatment drugs destroy the healthy cells and patient takes a long to recover. Targeted cancer [...]


Fukushima Reactor and Radiations Emitting From It

In Japan, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, has now become a matter of concern due to its possible harmful effects to health. Although radiation levels outside the plant are relatively low and less likely to cause health problems but warning have been issued. The harmful effects of radiation depend on the dose. The acute [...]


Controlling Pill Movement In the Body

Several researches have been carried out to improve the efficiency of medicines within the body in the recent years. Some success was achieved too but now a team of researchers at Brown University has found a way to detect the movement of the medicine in the body and guide it to the right location. The [...]

Is it Possible to Reset Your Biological Clock?

Are you a victim of short term insomnia or you travel a lot and cannot get over your jet lag quickly? No I am not selling you another drug here ( you need to stop watching late night shows). I want to tell you about a new discovery that we all have been waiting for [...]

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