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A Ray of Hope for Cancer Patients

Radiation therapy is vital for almost all the cancer patients but more than half of the cancer patients have tumors that are resistant to such therapy. The cause of resistance is the low oxygen level in the blood but researchers in San Francisco are developing a protein that can carry additional oxygen to the tumors [...]


Can a Bloodstain Reveal Your Age?

Crime scene investigation is quite a tricky thing and it already has various tools in operation to determine the sex of the culprit but it is always difficult to determine the age. Though it is possible to determine the age by analyzing the teeth and bones of a person but these are seldom present at [...]

Growing Organs and Cells from Scratch

If organs and cells, necessary for the body, could be grown in the laboratory then you can think of the positive effects they could have had on human life. The research has been going on for years to create organs and living cells just like the natural ones but the success has been limited. It [...]

DNA Sequencing the Promise of Future

DNA has been considered the code of life and the language of creation. Deciphering it completely will, no doubt, lead to dramatic changes to our lives. New and improved medicine will be created; genetic diseases will be spotted and corrected early on in life; micro organisms will be engineered to create new and improved sources [...]

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