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Nvidia to bring supercomputing power to gaming GPUs

Nvidia is set to release a new graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan, that harnesses GK110, the GPU architecture present on the Kepler technology used for general-purpose GPUs in supercomputing. Their biggest customer in the space, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has recently upgraded their fastest supercomputer, called the Titan, with 18,688 Tesla GPGPU cards [...]

Jump Robot, Jump


What about Microsoft Surface: Beauty, Elegance, Simplicity, and now Power?

Before I get into talking about Microsoft Surface, let me rant a bit: Little Rant about anti Microsoftism It is really  a shame that Microsoft cannot catch a break from all the complainers. It seems like no matter what Microsoft does, their stuff is just not good enough. I am not a fan of Microsoft [...]

Iphone 5 is ugly!

All right the title of this post is a bit tamed. It should have been Iphone 5 is the biggest disappointment of the century. Granted it is the beginning of the century, so perhaps there will be more apple products. As you know by now this blog post will be heavily biased against iphone 5, [...]

Google glasses and Holoflector, Augment your Reality

Here are couple of things you never heard of Google glasses and Holoflector. These are I would say the first important step towards viable augmented reality future. They are from rival companies Google and Microsoft. Without further ado,:

iCloud is Out, and it is Free

In 2009 Apple purchased Lala, a cloud based music service. After that everybody has been waiting for the day when Apple does something with it. Today is the day. They have announced the iCloud. Hold on to your paints, it is music in the clouds, and best of all it is FREE (yes they announced [...]


Using Delicious as a Bookmarking Tool

It has now been officially announced by Yahoo that they are planning on selling their social bookmarking service knows as “Delicious,” to Youtube cofounders. Chad Hurley along with Steve Chen is planning to have it as a part of a startup called AVOS. Delicious was the first one to initiate the user generated content in [...]


A Visual Dashboard Planned by Facebook

How many of you have ever wondered, or been curious about knowing how many cups of tea you had last year, or how many picnics you went for with your family and friends? It is becoming possible to keep a track on all such activities, with the help of New Web and mobile apps. Personal [...]


Privacy Protecting Personalization Explored by Microsoft

A lot of websites today have some not-so-good deals going on, such as offering their users personalized services, only if they are willing to share some of their personal information. According to a research which has been carried out by Microsoft, and will soon be presented, it has been suggested that if there is a [...]


Experiencing a More Real Virtual Crowd

By modeling the expected crowd behavior, engineers have been able to design and plan buildings and public spaces in such a way, as to prevent any chances of deaths and serious injuries occurring. However, it has always been difficult to design such a virtual crowd which would be actually very realistic. Europeans have solved the [...]

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