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A Visual Dashboard Planned by Facebook

How many of you have ever wondered, or been curious about knowing how many cups of tea you had last year, or how many picnics you went for with your family and friends? It is becoming possible to keep a track on all such activities, with the help of New Web and mobile apps. Personal [...]


Privacy Protecting Personalization Explored by Microsoft

A lot of websites today have some not-so-good deals going on, such as offering their users personalized services, only if they are willing to share some of their personal information. According to a research which has been carried out by Microsoft, and will soon be presented, it has been suggested that if there is a [...]


Letting Your Thoughts Do the Dialing

You can now use your thoughts to dial numbers on your cell phone; thanks to the recent researches being carried out in California. All you need is a brief training period, after which you will be able to let your brain dial calls, which is also done hundred percent accurately for most of the people [...]


Google Chrome: A Browser of Your Mother Tongue!

It’s always a treat to go through the latest features available over the web, which can totally spice up the activities that had become the usual routine. Same is the case with the latest beta version of Google Chrome, Google’s Web browser, which now has the interesting option of translating speech to text and that [...]


The Future of The Android Based Tablets

There is a lot of speculation in the air and blogs are filling up with the lack of ‘Androidness’ at the CES 2011 that just came to an end at Las Vegas. Google and Apple both had booths at the large area dedicated only to the tablet computer but the Google’s unfinished OS let most [...]

Word Lens: Translate Text on Your iPhone

iPhone 4 has certainly raised the performance bar, but its unique apps are what makes it an irresistible choice for customers. The latest sensation called ‘Word Lens’ will take iPhone’s popularity a step further. This will now be a perfect gadget for the travelers and tourists. No need for bulky and flimsy   dictionaries and no need [...]

Thoughts to Action Via Computers

Researchers funded by the NIH find a way to interpret brain signals so that subjects can effectively control computer programs. Images are successfully manipulated in software designed to study seizure activity in epileptic patients by certain parts of the brain that control visual cognition.

Touchable Holography

What if we can touch and feel virtual 3D objects? Indeed, a new paradigm will be formed then. A paradigm that will catapult us to the next level of human computer interaction.

Get ready for that paradigm because touchable holograms are here. A research team from University of Tokyo is demonstrating a touchable holograph in siggraph2009.


Project Natal: a Different Perspective

I am sure by now everybody has seen the E3 demo of Microsoft’s Project Natal. After watching it several times and putting my jaws back together, I started asking myself: What good is Natal for non gamers (you know for those of us who considers gaming waste of time!)? Perhaps, not that good unless we [...]

Psychic Computers with new Interfaces

Think of them as psychic computers, computers that will know what you want to do before you start using it. No I am not talking about wiring up your brain with computers, but simple interfaces that can predict user actions based on sensory patterns. When you hold a remote control for TV, what do you generally [...]

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