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Experiencing a More Real Virtual Crowd

By modeling the expected crowd behavior, engineers have been able to design and plan buildings and public spaces in such a way, as to prevent any chances of deaths and serious injuries occurring. However, it has always been difficult to design such a virtual crowd which would be actually very realistic. Europeans have solved the [...]


Take 3D Pictures via Cell Phone

3D is a new technology and new inventions are made almost daily and we see something new coming up every day. You had to buy expensive gadgets and software to capture an object in 3D but now you can do it with ordinary gadgets like your mobile phones. Microsoft researchers have developed an app that [...]

How About a 3D Movie Without 3D Glasses?

The first decade of the 21st century is about to come to an end and we have seen some ground breaking technologies so far. 3D technology is one of them and experts have already said that the next decade will belong to the 3D televisions. But there are some problems with this technology that need [...]

See the World through Wrap 920AR Goggles

Augmented reality (AR) glasses have been a focus of entertainment industry for the last two decades, but the hardware had been too bulky and the price was out of reach of many. Now Vuzix has produced something lighter and far more affordable and has named it as ‘Wrap 920AR’, a pair of glasses that can [...]


New Robot that Navigate Like a Person and Interdisciplinary Robotics

If I were to ask you to form a dream team to build a robot that will behaves like a human, how would you form your team?  Would you pick scientists from different fields like : neuroscience, cognitive science, robotics, or would you rather want all your scientists be from robotics field ? Obviously, if [...]

Face Recognition – Catching on?

After decades of research, it seems that face recognition is finally getting main stream. It’s uses are creeping out within some familiar technologies. Apple’s iPhoto,  Google Picasso , and laptops are some of the examples. Moreover, the technology behind face recognition has made very significant progress. Just recently  Allen Yang has developed a new mathematical [...]

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