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Letting Your Thoughts Do the Dialing

You can now use your thoughts to dial numbers on your cell phone; thanks to the recent researches being carried out in California. All you need is a brief training period, after which you will be able to let your brain dial calls, which is also done hundred percent accurately for most of the people [...]


Google Chrome: A Browser of Your Mother Tongue!

It’s always a treat to go through the latest features available over the web, which can totally spice up the activities that had become the usual routine. Same is the case with the latest beta version of Google Chrome, Google’s Web browser, which now has the interesting option of translating speech to text and that [...]


Facebook Reveals Its New Data Center Secrets

Facebook is unique in a lot of ways and the popularity it has gained in little time is immense. But now facebook has taken a new turn by unveiling its secrets. These secrets have never been made public by any business entity of this size. Facebook opened a new data center in Oregon but now [...]


Lokast App: Media Sharing Made Easy

Technology is improving quite rapidly and we have seen significant improvement in media sharing technologies in the recent years. There is a probability that in the next 2 or 3 years, device-to-device media sharing will be possible. Apps like Bump and Mover enable the users to share media like songs and videos between phones. Boris [...]


Take 3D Pictures via Cell Phone

3D is a new technology and new inventions are made almost daily and we see something new coming up every day. You had to buy expensive gadgets and software to capture an object in 3D but now you can do it with ordinary gadgets like your mobile phones. Microsoft researchers have developed an app that [...]


The Divide App: The New Android App Splits a Smartphone Into Two Devices

A lot of new iPhone and Android apps have already been seen in the market but this new split Android app is something special as it will give Android Smartphones a whole new look and personality. It will enable the users to use the device as two separate devices at the same time. People will [...]

Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0? Put simply it is a term  used to identify next generation of web.  Like Web 2.0 there are a lot of attributes that describes it with one key one. The key attribute of 2.0  has been  “interaction”,  and for 3.0 it has been deemed as “intelligence”. Almost every source mentions intelligence [...]

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How Secure is Facebook?

Privacy has been a concern since the launch of “facebook” and people have been confused on whether they should share their personal information or not. Facebook apps are very appealing to the users and people want to use as many of them as they can and do not hesitate to click the “allow” button when [...]


The Future of The Android Based Tablets

There is a lot of speculation in the air and blogs are filling up with the lack of ‘Androidness’ at the CES 2011 that just came to an end at Las Vegas. Google and Apple both had booths at the large area dedicated only to the tablet computer but the Google’s unfinished OS let most [...]


Internet Privacy Is Now Possible With Tor

Everyone likes privacy and wants to remain anonymous at least on the Internet. Businesses and non-profit organizations have been using encrypted systems for years to hide their activities on the Internet. All this activity happens through an anonymity system called Tor which is developed by a U.S based nonprofit organization. The manufacturer is now developing [...]

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