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iCloud is Out, and it is Free

In 2009 Apple purchased Lala, a cloud based music service. After that everybody has been waiting for the day when Apple does something with it. Today is the day. They have announced the iCloud. Hold on to your paints, it is music in the clouds, and best of all it is FREE (yes they announced [...]


Using Delicious as a Bookmarking Tool

It has now been officially announced by Yahoo that they are planning on selling their social bookmarking service knows as “Delicious,” to Youtube cofounders. Chad Hurley along with Steve Chen is planning to have it as a part of a startup called AVOS. Delicious was the first one to initiate the user generated content in [...]


Facebook Reveals Its New Data Center Secrets

Facebook is unique in a lot of ways and the popularity it has gained in little time is immense. But now facebook has taken a new turn by unveiling its secrets. These secrets have never been made public by any business entity of this size. Facebook opened a new data center in Oregon but now [...]

Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0? Put simply it is a term  used to identify next generation of web.  Like Web 2.0 there are a lot of attributes that describes it with one key one. The key attribute of 2.0  has been  “interaction”,  and for 3.0 it has been deemed as “intelligence”. Almost every source mentions intelligence [...]

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How Secure is Facebook?

Privacy has been a concern since the launch of “facebook” and people have been confused on whether they should share their personal information or not. Facebook apps are very appealing to the users and people want to use as many of them as they can and do not hesitate to click the “allow” button when [...]


Time Explorer: See the Future with News

Let me introduce you to time explorer. It is an interactive site that allows visualization of New York Times archives. It is developed by Yahoo’s Barcelona research lab. At first glance it seems an ordinary time line, but there is one unique feature to this: future exploration.

Yes it gives you the ability to explore future. It is not about making predictions, but instead it provides a way to visually see what news articles tell about future.

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