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Nvidia to bring supercomputing power to gaming GPUs

Nvidia is set to release a new graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan, that harnesses GK110, the GPU architecture present on the Kepler technology used for general-purpose GPUs in supercomputing. Their biggest customer in the space, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has recently upgraded their fastest supercomputer, called the Titan, with 18,688 Tesla GPGPU cards [...]

What about Microsoft Surface: Beauty, Elegance, Simplicity, and now Power?

Before I get into talking about Microsoft Surface, let me rant a bit: Little Rant about anti Microsoftism It is really  a shame that Microsoft cannot catch a break from all the complainers. It seems like no matter what Microsoft does, their stuff is just not good enough. I am not a fan of Microsoft [...]


Google Wallet -Security and Features

It is about time to toss away your credit cards and pay with your phone, and no I am not talking about putting it on your phone bill, that’s just lame (sorry Sweden).  Google Wallet is finally announced. It will give us the ability to use our phones as  virtual carrying cases for the cards. [...]


Ambient Alerts: See Car’s Condition Like a Heartbeat

Car technology has improved over the years but there is a room for innovation always in this ever green and ever booming industry. We have already seen engine warming lights in various models but now Honda is experimenting on Ambient Alerts. The Ambient Alert system will allow the drivers to diagnose the problems arising within [...]


iPhone Stop and Shop App: Use your iPhone to Buy Groceries

The latest iPhone application provides us all with the opportunity to get a glimpse of what shopping would be like in the future. The new application by Modiv Media allows customers to scan grocery items, have personalized offers, along with speedy checkouts. Stop & Shop, a company that operates in around 375 supermarkets is one [...]


Can a Display Screen Let Me Recharge My Smartphone?

French provider Wysips is focusing on a brand new technique which will cause smartphone touch screens to accomplish double duty as photo voltaic power panels to recharge mobile phones. The thought is very interesting [1] because it consists of laying an extra thin transparent photo-voltaic film layer along with the mobile phone display. The film [...]


The Concept Mobile Phone by Mac Zimmers

Concept mobile phones are stylish and full of features that everyone wants to get their hands on them. They keep on coming and some of the concept mobile phones actually go into production and end up on users’ hands. If you are fond of such gadgets then the latest concept mobile phone Mac Zimmers will [...]


Mac Funamizu’s New Universal Remote Controller

There are tons of electronic devices and all of them have their own functionalities but their remote controllers are what cause all the trouble. There are so many of them and you do not want to leave your comfort chair to pick the remote up and tune your gadgets. But now there is a universal [...]


Sony’s 3G Enabled Camera and Its Significance

Sony is no doubt the leader of the electronics world and its innovative products and technology is what sets it apart from its competitors. Sony is now working its new line of point and shoot cameras with 3G technology. It is an interesting development as most of the Smart phones these days have 3G cameras [...]


The iPad Smart Cover: Take More Fun Out of Your iPad2

iPad 2 is the latest introduction from Apple and like it was predicted, it has left its rivals far behind. But there is something new about the iPad this time as it comes with the iPad Smart Cover. The iPad 2 is designed keeping the needs of the users in mind and the iPad Smart [...]

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