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Stion’s New Twin Cell Solar Panel

The cost of energy is increasing with every passing day and a lot of people are looking for energy alternatives and no longer want to pay $150 a month in terms of electricity bills. Solar energy is cheap but its initial cost is what prevents most of the people from adopting it. Now National Renewable [...]


Ultracapacitors Get the Energy Boost

Electric and hybrid technology may be prevailing in automobile industry but the charging of batteries is quite a huge problem. A fully drained out battery can take hours to charge. Ultra-capacitors are an alternative but they cannot hold charge as much as Li-ion batteries can and are not feasible to be used in cars or [...]

Toyota Plans to Stick to its Hybrid Technology

Automotive industry is going through a critical period in this economic downturn and high fuel consumption cars like Hummer are already a part of history. The research has been going on for more than two decades to find an alternative of fuel and now top manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan and GM may have reached a [...]

Taking Charge of Viruses

It’s time to say good by doc to the energizer bunny. The world is going to be powered by viruses. So if you haven’t heard the marching band yet, listen up: Advancement on batteries are now the thing to watch . Battery research is exploding everywhere. We recently reported the creation of new instantly rechargeable [...]

Spin Battery: a Magnetic Battery

In the previous article we discussed how batteries work .  We said that batteries are created by chemical reactions that produces electrons. Now University of Miami, Tokyo and Tohoku researchers have proved that electric batteries can be created without a chemical reaction. In fact, they  have shown that by applying large magnetic field to nano-magnets [...]

Instantly Rechargeable Batteries: Batteries Re-engineered

MIT engineers are reporting the discovery of an instantly rechargeable battery. The work was lead by Gerbrand Ceder, the Richard P. Simmons. The battery was made of the same popular material that most batteries are made of, namely lithium. Before discussing this discovery, let’s try to understand what batteries are. In a nutshell, batteries are [...]

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