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Nanolasers Finally Available For Practical Use

Nanoscale lasers were given a thought to be used in computing but there were hurdles in their practical use. Now researchers have removed the hurdles and have given the green signal for its use in the optical communications and computing. The study was carried out at the University of North Carolina where the first semiconductor [...]


Radio Receiver from Graphene in 4 Steps

How easy can it be to make a radio? Well how about in four steps: Place two electrodes and stretch a sheet of graphene between them to form a trampoline. Get a third electrode and place it under the trampoline and supply a DC current to it. Add radio frequency voltage and you are done. [...]

Nanoelectronics: New on-off switch discovered

Shrinking electronics have been one of the dreams that we always acted upon.  Year after year we have produced smaller and smaller electronics. As part of this dream we have invented the field of nanoelectronics. To put it simply, nanoelectronics is a field that uses extremely small technology that is under 100nm. This field has [...]

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