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Solar Energy with your Microwave?

Well you can’t exactly use your microwave to produce electricity or put it in sun and it will cook your stuff, but now you can use it to produce an important compound used for Solar cells very cheaply. Reportedly researchers at Oregon State use microwave heating to synthesis copper zinc tin sulfide. So what is [...]


Putting Geothermal Energy to Work

Much of the heat resides inside our Earth which can be manipulated in a way to extract maximum benefit. The geothermal energy is utilized for many purposes but its production holds some controversies. Naturally when some disturbances take place inside the Earth, heat is generated by the movement in the core. We have been successful [...]


Stion’s New Twin Cell Solar Panel

The cost of energy is increasing with every passing day and a lot of people are looking for energy alternatives and no longer want to pay $150 a month in terms of electricity bills. Solar energy is cheap but its initial cost is what prevents most of the people from adopting it. Now National Renewable [...]


How about Highways for Cyclists?

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe which is promoting green living and its capital, Copenhagen, is known as ‘bicycle capital’ along with Amsterdam. There are more bicycles then people in Copenhagen and people experience more bicycle traffic jams than of cars’. Noerrebrogade in the capital accommodates around 36,000 cyclists a day and now government [...]


Mitigating Risk of Future Technologies: Biomimicry

As today turn to tomorrow new technologies will enter our lives, inevitably, bringing with it new problems. Of course, this is an obvious fact, but how often do we think about mitigating this risk? Not often enough! Perhaps, it is time that we think about it more. Let’s start today then. Let’s ask the question: Is there a way to mitigate the risk of new technologies?


Solar Panels- One Bus Shelter at a Time

Sometimes it is not the technology that has the potential to change the world, but it rather the idea. One such ideas was recently implemented by engineering researchers at McMaster University.  The idea is to build flexible solar panels that can be mounted on  bus shelters. They have created  solar cells that bends with curved roof [...]

The Power of Kites

When I was a child, flying a kite was my favorite hobby. I can’t really explain the thrill I used to have while flying kites.  I honestly used to fly kites even in my dreams. One thing for sure I never thought kites have a special power. The power to produce energy. By conquering the [...]

Mini Green Cars Stacking up in a City Near You

We have heard of some fabulous ideas, and seen some amazing prototypes of new technologies that if brought to real world, can transform our future, but seldom have we seen them actually coming to real world. The idea of CityCars was one of them. We all wished that it would come to our cities, “today”. [...]

Gasping for Air No More, Now you Can Make your Own

Researcher Kamal Meattle had suffered from lung problems 17 years ago. The problems almost turned deadly. So with the help of NASA and a few other organizations Kamal discovered that there are three basic house plants that you can keep in doors to grow your own fresh air, which in result give you better health. [...]

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