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How can I improve my mental quickness?

Puzzles, exercises, and games are for people who can’t or don’t want to think. If you want to sharpen your mind, you need to think, think hard, think a lot, and think about everything. You can solve games, puzzles, or exercises, but whether this translates directly to other mental skills is questionable. Obviously if you can [...]

Top 5 Living Theoretical Physicists

Here is a list of top 5 physicists living today: Leonard Susskind He was a plumber when he was much younger, decided to do theoretical physics. He invented string theory. He’s also the guy who lashed back at Stephen Hawking with his theories on information theory and black holes. He also invented the holographic principle. He [...]

Your Three Wishes For the Genie

What future technology would you like to have today ? If Aladdin’s genie gave you three wishes, what would  be your wishes? Here is my list: 1. Super brain Yes, I wan to be able to read and absorb the entire content of internet in light speed. In fact, I want to be the internet. [...]


Sun Slowing , a Little Ice Age Coming

Are you up for a quiet little ice age?  Then pack your bags, based on recent observations, in our near future, we might have one. It seems like our Sun is about to become quiet. Not forever though, just for a while its activity will be lower. A little explanation: To most of us sun [...]


Ununquadium and Ununhexium

Don’t know what these words are? Soon you will have to memorize them, that is if you really want to know all periodic elements by heart. It seems like after three years of review our beloved chemists and physicists finally decided that they will be adding element 114 and 116 to the periodic table of [...]


Exploring Quantum Teleportation

It feels great to see that scientists have finally accomplished it! Now scientists have actually managed to and figured out a way of transporting information with the use of the quantum highway. They do this by using a setup that is quite complicated, but it has still enabled them to accomplish the goal they have [...]


Make Edible Objects With 3D Printer

3D technology is nothing new as a lot of movies and computer games are coming in 3D but 3D printing is a bit new concept. But it gets rather interesting when this sort of technology is mixed with some rocket science. Think of space shuttles made of scallop-and-cheese and what would it be like. The [...]


The Lambo Yacht: Lamborghini in the Oceans

Lmaborghini sports cars are exotic and renowned for their vicious speed and performance all over the world. But have you imagined such speed and beauty while travelling in the oceans? I am sure you haven’t, and you will be thinking that I am going to talk about the hydrogen powered Ekrano yacht once again and [...]


Ekrano Yacht: A Glance at The Future Sea Travel

Technology is the name of ever ending story and it always has something new in store for us. We all are worried about the fuel crisis that we may have to face in the not too distant future but it has not sucked out the innovation from the creative minds. Though the fuel will be [...]


Invisibility Cloak: Another Attempt

You may have been impressed by Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak that kept him hidden from everyone when he wanted to in his 7 years at Hogwarts. But have you ever imagined how will it feel to experience something like this  for your self? Of course, you have, and I want you to keep that your [...]

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