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Is MoNETA the Height of Artificial Intelligence?

Overview The research on Artificial Intelligence has been going on for more than 50 years and it was once thought that machines would outsmart humans. The end results were Robots with human controlled intelligence and never really served the purpose. A supercomputer did beat Kasparov, the world chess champion, in 1997 but it was the [...]


Toothpaste to Remove Plaque, Really!

Have you ever wondered what is causing cavity in your teeth? Are you worried of losing your teeth at a young age? Well you do not have to worry as scientists have found a solution and there is more good news as you will not have to undergo any painful treatment to get your teeth [...]


Heal Battlefield Wounds through a Skin Printer

Technology plays an important role in our lives and it can help in improving our lives too. Medical science is improving everyday but have you ever imagined of printing your skin to cover your wound? This might sound crazy but it might soon be a reality because a recent research shows that it is possible.

Escape from Retinal Disease Is Now Possible

Retinal disease is a concern of millions of people throughout the world. There are treatments available like laser and retinal implantation but these methods are painful and require surgery as well and their results are not long lasting either. Scientists have now come up with a solution by developing a prosthetic retina that can fully [...]

Light Harvesting Material: The Future of Energy

Scientists all over the world are busy in finding ways to develop a mechanism that can minimize the fuel consumption for betterment of environment. The focus has been towards alternate energy in the past few years and some success has been achieved across the globe. Solar energy is the cheapest source and scientists in US [...]


4 Million Years from Sun: Solar Probe Plus Aims Sun’s Atmosphere

In 2018, 4 million years from sun, in 2550 degrees Fahrenheit with random blasts of intense radiation, a car sized spacecraft made from carbon-composite heat shield will penetrate sun’s atmosphere. This will be NASA’s Solar Probe Plus mission that was announced just recently.

It will be yet another achievement for human space flight, providing us with better understanding of our sun.


Mitigating Risk of Future Technologies: Biomimicry

As today turn to tomorrow new technologies will enter our lives, inevitably, bringing with it new problems. Of course, this is an obvious fact, but how often do we think about mitigating this risk? Not often enough! Perhaps, it is time that we think about it more. Let’s start today then. Let’s ask the question: Is there a way to mitigate the risk of new technologies?

Progress Towards True Invisibility

Through the power of our imagination we have created some of the most transformative and amazing technologies. We imagined of devices that can fly and we created them. We imagined of rockets that will propel us to moon, and we created them. Similarly, for centuries we have been imagining to make a cloak that can [...]

A Concrete Discovery

Imagine a road full of cracks, and then a gentle rain comes down and the road automatically repairs itself, or imagine, a bridge full of fractures caused by an earthquake, and in minutes the bridge automatically seals the fractures. Welcome to the world of self healing materials. This is not a dream of far, far [...]

Can You Literally Think Faster?

It turns out you can. UCLA professor Paul Thompson and his colleagues have found ways to determine speed of the brain.  They have shown that people with high IQ has faster brain signals.  They also found that most of this speed is genetically transferred.  So people with higher brain speed will generally have children with [...]

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