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The New BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Tussardi

BMW seldom disappoints the car enthusiasts and always ocmes up with unique designs but when its designs or models are not appealing enough then the designers and enthusiasts take matters in their hands and come out with something different. Such a thing happened when BMW teamed up with Tussardi, an Italian fashion house, and the [...]


Manta Amphibious Electric Vehicle

There are a lot of designs coming up when it comes to sea travel. If the Ekrano yacht and the Lambo yacht did not appeal to you (very unlikely) then there is a new concept design which will surely water your mouth. This vehicle is called the Manta Amphibious Electric Vehicle and its compact design [...]


The Lambo Yacht: Lamborghini in the Oceans

Lmaborghini sports cars are exotic and renowned for their vicious speed and performance all over the world. But have you imagined such speed and beauty while travelling in the oceans? I am sure you haven’t, and you will be thinking that I am going to talk about the hydrogen powered Ekrano yacht once again and [...]


Ekrano Yacht: A Glance at The Future Sea Travel

Technology is the name of ever ending story and it always has something new in store for us. We all are worried about the fuel crisis that we may have to face in the not too distant future but it has not sucked out the innovation from the creative minds. Though the fuel will be [...]


Fuel Efficient Jet Engine-Will it Make a Difference?

The world is going to face fuel deficiency in the coming decade, no question about it, and because of it as we all know different projects have been launched to conserve energy and find alternate fuels. Jets and planes are by far the biggest mode of travel when it comes to travel across the continents [...]


Heal Battlefield Wounds through a Skin Printer

Technology plays an important role in our lives and it can help in improving our lives too. Medical science is improving everyday but have you ever imagined of printing your skin to cover your wound? This might sound crazy but it might soon be a reality because a recent research shows that it is possible.


Get Ready to Witness the 1000mph Excitement

It has always been a dream of man to travel fast and he has gone to limits to fulfill the desire. But have you questioned yourself how fast would you want to go on the ground? The current record that the fastest car set is equivalent to the speed of sound i-e 768mph. But the [...]


Robots to the Rescue

In the future, robots will be the first to arrive in a disaster site. Today the progress we have made tells us the story of our future. The story will go as following: earthquake happens, first thing that sifts through rubble is an army of mouse robots supported by robotic helicopters. There only mission: find [...]


New Robot that Navigate Like a Person and Interdisciplinary Robotics

If I were to ask you to form a dream team to build a robot that will behaves like a human, how would you form your team?  Would you pick scientists from different fields like : neuroscience, cognitive science, robotics, or would you rather want all your scientists be from robotics field ? Obviously, if [...]

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