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Your Three Wishes For the Genie

What future technology would you like to have today ? If Aladdin’s genie gave you three wishes, what would  be your wishes? Here is my list: 1. Super brain Yes, I wan to be able to read and absorb the entire content of internet in light speed. In fact, I want to be the internet. [...]


Presence of Life on Mars: A Mystery to be Resolved

Life is what remains undefined till today. How it is being blessed to a small fetus and how it leaves an old body, remains a mystery to man even after so many years of tiring efforts and research on it. We also refer life as the presence of material that is vital for life like [...]


4 Million Years from Sun: Solar Probe Plus Aims Sun’s Atmosphere

In 2018, 4 million years from sun, in 2550 degrees Fahrenheit with random blasts of intense radiation, a car sized spacecraft made from carbon-composite heat shield will penetrate sun’s atmosphere. This will be NASA’s Solar Probe Plus mission that was announced just recently.

It will be yet another achievement for human space flight, providing us with better understanding of our sun.

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