Compund Semiconductors: The Replacement of Silicon

Silicon has been a long companion of chipmakers but it will no longer be feasible to pack transistors on silicon chips and it will be impossible to make microchips any smaller. Various researches have been carried out in the past to find alternatives of silicon to develop long lasting chips and overcome the leaking and heating problem but no notable success was achieved.

A recent research was carried out in the University of California and researches found a semiconductor material that can help in making nanoscopic transistors that will be much cheaper than existing alternatives.

Compound semiconductors are far better in electrical properties when compared with silicon which makes them consume less power at faster speeds and it also eliminates heating and performance issues. These semiconductors and transistors are already in use in some high end military equipments and produce better results than silicon.

Compound semiconductor materials are expensive and can only be used at this moment where cost is not a limiting factor.  Though the material is fragile but the researchers of University of California say that silicon wafers can be used as a base of these compound semiconductors to minimize the cost.

Another research says opposite to that as silicon and compound semiconductors are structurally different. Already created compound semiconductor transistors are transferrable to the wafers of silicon. The researchers say that the primary goal is to find a suitable alternative of silicon; the cost ,fragility and compatibility are the questions that will be answered in the later stage

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