Controlling Pill Movement In the Body


Several researches have been carried out to improve the efficiency of medicines within the body in the recent years. Some success was achieved too but now a team of researchers at Brown University has found a way to detect the movement of the medicine in the body and guide it to the right location. The method was used before too but doctors were uncertain about the time when drug was released and by tracking the bloodstream, it was not possible to find out if it was effectively delivered.

This method can be used in two ways. One way is to use it to find out that the right amount of drug has been given to the patient. The second way is to reach the areas in the gastro-intestinal tract that are hard to reach by ordinary methods.

The experiment was performed by moving a pill through the stomach of rats. A magnet was placed within the pill which moves the external magnet automatically. It keeps the external magnet at a safe distance too so that it does not manipulate the magnet in the pill and disturb the intestinal system of the animal. The researches carried out before did not pay attention to the fact that the magnet in the pill or capsule can be manipulated by the magnetic force generated by the outer magnet and can damage the digestive system but the team at Brown University is focused more on the safety.

If this experiment is successful then it can be implemented for human use in a few years. Its use, however, will be limited and in extreme cases such as to detect and remove gastrointestinal cancer. Inflammatory bowel diseases could be cured with this technique too as other therapies have failed to control it. The team will carry out further tests on larger animals before finally testing it on the humans.

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