Depression Diagnosis Through Blood Test


Depression is one of the very common diseases experienced by the people throughout the world and there are multiple causes of it. Doctors are keen to find ways to diagnose and treat depression and we have seen several methods over the years. Now a blood test will tell if a person is suffering from depression or not and it will give a score from one to nine to figure the severity of the problem.

The test is developed by Ridge Diagnostics in San Diego and the test detects changes in 10 biomarkers and analyzes various systems before giving the final score. The use of this test will not be limited to the diagnosis of depression as it advanced levels will reveal more diseases. This will be a significant achievement as studies have revealed that more than 30 million people are victims of depression but less than 50% are treated and most of the people are misdiagnosed or never diagnosed at all.

This blood test is simple to perform and will be very helpful in the immediate diagnosis of depression and treatment will be possible in time. The researchers say that the risk of misdiagnosis will be completely eliminated with this approach.

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    Blood tests can reveal the overall health of your body, therefore, it is necessary to get a blood test at least once a year. ‘.`”.

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