DNA Sequencing: Ease and Speed Making Things Simple

dna sequencing

In the scientific world, genome sequencing may be importantly the most prestigious technique bringing great changes all around the world. It is a complex process to be followed, getting the required out of it. It makes things easy but itself its complications are frustrating to some extent. New researches by a platform named Noblegen are trying to simplify it. They are trying to develop such a version of the genome sequencing which would be easy to use and hence, helpful to medical sciences. They are working on a nanopore simple genome sequencer which can quickly and efficiently get to know the DNA sequences. This is to facilitate the medicine to work easily and cure the diseases.

It is being under observation that even new versions of genome sequencers work with difficult tools along with less extent of reading sequence lengths. The real war is to handle such conditions at quite a nano level. It works by converting the DNA into labeled form: 4 luminous dyes; one for every base. A silicon chip with the laser is used to move the DNA through small holes which move slowly due to dye. Dye-label is removed while passing through the nano-hole and hence, sensed by the camera through light flash.

The process is quite easy to understand and no complication in the equipment is required. The ease and speed makes it worth-use in the hospitals. The developing process of DNA sequencing is continuing but some funding is required to manufacture it at a large-scale.

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