Doing Medical Tests All By Yourself


A change that has been quite observable in the recent years is the shift of the doctor’s tools from clinics to retail outlets. This trend is likely to go further, as QuickCheck Health which is based in Minnesota, aims at making diagnostic testing possible within one’s home.

This company has been working for the development of tests such as that of urinary tract infections and many other ailments that are commonly experienced by people. These tests would be easily available at drug stores so that people can access them with ease and use at home.

Diagnostic tests for pregnancy, fertility, HIV, and ovulation have been commonly available in the market for a long time now. Diagnostic tests only inform individuals about the condition, i.e. by providing a diagnosis. Treatment has to be sought out by visiting the doctor who would observe the condition in better detail and prescribe the required drugs and treatment. When other ailments such as urinary tract infections are diagnosed from home, usually doctors are reluctant about prescribing antibiotics or any other medicine which may be required. Before going on to the treatment phase, they always emphasize over validating the results further.

QuickCheck Health has been planning to bring about a change in this by making the patients call or sign up on a website in order to get to the results of the test. In case the test comes out to be positive, the user would get automatically directed to an online health care provider, who would then prescribe the required treatment.

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