Exploring Quantum Teleportation


It feels great to see that scientists have finally accomplished it! Now scientists have actually managed to and figured out a way of transporting information with the use of the quantum highway. They do this by using a setup that is quite complicated, but it has still enabled them to accomplish the goal they have been trying to reach since a long time now.

Previously, such teleportation experiences worked at a very slow rate, or ended up in loss of information during the process. The latest experiment carried out by scientists helped in eliminating all these concerns which were previously present, with the help of a “cat”. This is a Schrodinger’s cat and not a real one. It consists of wave packets of light which basically represents Schrodinger’s cat, and the concept that two things exist at one time. This idea is suggested by showing that the cat is both living and dead, a condition is known as quantum superposition.

Basically quantum computers are meant to work in such a way that data is stored in the form of quitbits and are represented as one and zero both at the same time. This feature enables these computers to solve a wide range of problems simultaneously.

This research was carried out by researchers from University of Tokyo, belonging to the Department of Applied Physics, along with some assistance taken from the center for Quantum Computation and Communcation Technology of University of New South Wales.

However, a limitation as reported by a professor at the University of New South Wales is that during the teleportation process, some details may get lost.

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