Facebook Reveals Its New Data Center Secrets


Facebook is unique in a lot of ways and the popularity it has gained in little time is immense. But now facebook has taken a new turn by unveiling its secrets. These secrets have never been made public by any business entity of this size. Facebook opened a new data center in Oregon but now its designs are available online.

Another interesting fact is that the facebook servers rely on free or open source software. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, wants to pay back a he was able to come up with Facebook in his dorm room only because he had access to PHP and Apache. Facebook management wanted to release enough information about the hardware so that people could use the information and eventually come up with something better.

But other giants like Microsoft and Google never share information like this and facebook has taken entirely different route by dropping the best business practices. But Facebook management is of the opinion that with this step, people will have more confidence in their information and they may help in making the Web a better place for everyone.

The designs revealed on the Internet back the facebook claim of building the most energy efficient data center which will be environment friendly. The new building does not use chillers to cool down the servers. Air from outside will enter through the pads moisture with water and will cool down the inner environment. The system will be efficient in the summers and winters.

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