Fuel Efficient Jet Engine-Will it Make a Difference?


The world is going to face fuel deficiency in the coming decade, no question about it, and because of it as we all know different projects have been launched to conserve energy and find alternate fuels. Jets and planes are by far the biggest mode of travel when it comes to travel across the continents and it consumes a lot fuel. No doubt they deserve a lot of focus, which deservedly is given to with new Pratt and Whitney’s engine. It come with promise of great reduction in fuel consumption, and in turn pollution.

The engine turbine will move with the help of air that will pass through it. The concept of geared turbofan is not new. It was first applied in the 80’s but was not successful. Gearbox can cause real problems and airplanes industry seems to be resistant to this approach.

Modern engines have bypass ratio of 8:1 but this geared engine will have bypass ration of 12:1. Bypass ratio is the size of the chamber around the engine and airplane companies want higher bypass ratio so this engine meets their demands in this way as well.

The maintenance cost of these engines will be low which is another advantage for airplane companies. Moreover, 15% less fuel consumption will also mean the reduction in emission of carbon dioxide by 3600 tons per plane per annum and noise pollution will also decrease. So these engines will also meet the ‘green’ demands of today.

These engines will feature in the upcoming series of A320 airbuses by 2016. Pratt and Whitney is currently testing the engines in test flights and 75 hours of successful test flights have already been recorded.

Sometimes with so much focus on cars people lose the site of other major polluters. With Pratt and Whitney’s engine, I am glad the focus is a bit shifted, and I hope it become a successful engine, helping us create a better environment for future.


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