Gastric Pacemaker: An Alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery


People who have gone through gastric bypass surgery know how painful it is. But now a gastric pacemaker is invented that can fake fullness and can stop people from overeating. The gastric pacemaker senses when the person starts eating and sends premature fullness signals and stimulates the nerves surrounding the stomach.

Intrapace, the California based company, is the developer of this device. Gastric pacemaker implant is currently available in the U.K, Germany, and Spain and in various other parts of Europe. The trial was done on 65 obese people and 22% weight loss was reported in them in a year. Some people had lost nearly 40% of their weight but these results have not been published.

Abiliti, the name of the implant, is fitted with an accelerometer which shows the exercise level of the patient. The device can be connected to the computer wirelessly for the data transfer. The size of this gastric pacemaker is around the size of traditional pacemakers available today and it can be implanted in the abdominal cavity with a little surgery.

The cost of this gastric pacemaker is around $21,000 including the minor surgery but it is slightly expensive than the normal stomach bypass surgery but it will have no side effects. Even this gastric pacemaker will have no or minimal side effects, it is unlikely that it will replace the bypasses or people will opt for it in most of the cases.

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    [...]Gastric Pacemaker: An Alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery | Coding Future[...]…

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    Can u send me a video of how the procedure is done..thanks

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