Get Ready to Witness the 1000mph Excitement


It has always been a dream of man to travel fast and he has gone to limits to fulfill the desire. But have you questioned yourself how fast would you want to go on the ground? The current record that the fastest car set is equivalent to the speed of sound i-e 768mph.

But the engineers in the UK have announced a new project called ‘BLOODHOUND SSC,’ a car capable of doing 1000mph, to go one step beyond the man has ever reached. The construction of the vehicle will begin in January next year and the project director, Richard Noble, has said that the record attempt for the fastest vehicle on earth will be made in the year 2012.

Although the project is said to be private but the UK government is taking special interest in it and has provided two Eurofighter Typhoon engines for the car.  A Falcon rocket will also be used to boost the car. The research is going on for the special type of alloy that will be used in the construction of wheels. A thin alloy will be used in the car body but it has not been named yet. The wheels will be made of aluminum if a better alternative is not available. The wheels will be of extra importance as they will be spinning at 10,200rpm and they should be able to sustain the inevitable damage.

The record run will be performed on a 20KM long track which needs be free of all kinds of debris and stones. The car will make two runs on the track and the average of both laps will be taken as a record. Major companies like Lockheed Martin, Hampson Industries and Cosworth are helping partners in the project.

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