Google Chrome: A Browser of Your Mother Tongue!


It’s always a treat to go through the latest features available over the web, which can totally spice up the activities that had become the usual routine. Same is the case with the latest beta version of Google Chrome, Google’s Web browser, which now has the interesting option of translating speech to text and that too completely via the internet.

This new feature is a result of all the work being done by Google with web Consortium’s HTML Speech Incubator Group. The goal of this task was to explore the likelihood of joining together speech technology in HTML 5, which is the new and rising language of the Web. It works simply as the icon of HTML 5 feature is available at the page, which when clicked would enable the user to record with the help of the computer’s microphone. The speech would be captured and sent ahead to the servers of Google, where it would be transcribed and sent back to the website.

Do you seem interested already? If you want to try out the completely new and exciting feature, you can go ahead and download the latest beta version of Google chrome. Once that is done, simply go to the webpage, click on the icon of microphone and talk as much as you want about anything that you please. Then just wait for the browser to send your speech ahead, work on it, and return it you in text. You will be surprised to see how accurate the text seems to be. Enjoy!

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